7 Weird and Strange Things Philippines

In the text that follows, you can find out 7 curious and strange things we found in the Philippines, an enigmatic country located in Southeast Asia. Have you ever had the opportunity to visit? Otherwise, here we will give a few appetizer that will leave you with a great desire to arm your bags and dare to know this beautiful place.

Like to travel? Does knowing other cultures, customs surround yourself with coexisting in the same country and take to your life what you consider more valuable? We are certain that your answer is yes, because by nature, humans are curious and thirsty for knowledge; so do not be afraid of the unknown and hit live a completely different experience, you will not regret: in the Philippines, it will not be a day where you do not stop marveling at all the fabulous things that make this little piece of the world.

Exotic foods come and go, like beliefs and other regulations that probably at first will seem absurd, but with the passage of time will help you understand that everything has a purpose and that each culture has his own outlook on life, which by being different, is no less valuable than yours.

1. Eating the fetus of a bird


It is not a joke, much less. Invite you are doing is completely serious, so pay attention: Balut, a boiled egg, is a Filipino delicacy in all lands. The fetus, which can be a chicken or a duck, is partially formed and is very common to find on the street by street vendors.

2. Being in prison is synonymous with happiness.


Yes, you read that right. The Philippines is the happiest prison, ie be deprived of liberty there is a great situation, why? It turns out that the director of this offense occurred to him that through dance, the prisoners could participate in charity events, so the sound of the choreography, also brighten the lives of the well.

3. Not knowing the anthem not you dare go outside!


Just so you know, in Filipenas is strictly forbidden bad singing the national anthem. Indeed, to do so, except that could face two years in prison, could also be seen in the painful obligation to pay fines up to $ 2,290. If you would you measure to fail in a stanza?

4. Where is the knife?


Interestingly, the knife is not part of the basic cutlery Filipino cuisine. Hands, spoons and forks are the protagonists of the story, so if you were planning to travel these days to this place, go practicing with caution so you can enjoy without scruple of its exotic cuisine.

5. Interrupted shopping


Did you past that interrupt your grocery shopping because of the speakers of the place comes a voice reciting a prayer with great fervor? Well, this is something that happens every day in the Philippines: people respond well in respect to this situation, which occurs at 6 am and 6 pm. As you can see, in this country it is quite religious.

6. Community bike rides


Did you know that Filipinos, because of the ability to acquire from very young to travel on a motorcycle, make walks up to 6 people in this transport? Yes, sounds crazy and perhaps in most Western countries is illegal, but this activity is part of the daily life of this little piece of Southeast Asia.

7. Most Catholics are


In case you did not know, the Philippines is the only Asian countries where the predominant religion is Catholicism. In fact, in many cars or buses, you may find curiously alluding to his fervor phrases. Who would believe it, right?