7 Weird and Strange Things in Russia

Very Strange things Russian. Would you like to travel to Russia? Or rather, did you come to? What many myths know about this vast country? Well, that you solve these doubts you may have, notes the following article will tell you where seven curious and strange things of Russia.

Have you heard that it is very common to see bears prowling the city? What I cold Russia is so unbearable that caused multiple deaths in their inhabitants? Or maybe, what the Russians do not usually smile at strangers because they consider it a false action and mistrust?

Whatever you’re thinking, rest assured that this is a wonderful country, as well as being economically prosperous enough, has a number of fascinating ways, ranging from the double celebrating New Year until nearly two months during Christmas. Are not you wish this were so extensive time in your country?Me too!

Pay attention and tell us what you think, and if you have something to add to the list, be welcome

1. Christmas, Christmas eternal …


Christmas in Russia lasts until January 19 because it has two calendars. They are lucky, right? Held several consecutive holidays and can enjoy many more time lights and other elements that are part of the Christmas decorations.

2. Stomp synonymous with kindness and gentleness


Surely if you tread on the street you molestarías enough and the least you expect is an apology of who does it. Well, in Russia not happen. When a situation like this occurs, people stomping returned, it is an action that is considered synonymous with courtesy. Curious, is not it?

3. Two New Year celebrations


As I said earlier, Christmas in Russia is more extensive because they have two calendars. Therefore, we also have two New Year celebrations; one being the usual, December 31, and the other, which takes place on January 14. Now, sure you’re wondering what those two calendars: the first is the Gregorian and wherein the January 1 comes the new year, and the second is the Julian, where the January 14 again is this place .

4. Laughter Day


What you did not know, the Russians are pretty funny; This explains why the celebration of unofficial Laughter Day. People tell jokes among themselves, little jokes are made and television programs have funny stories. The date? The April 1. Is the motto of this day? “Note Trust no one on April 1,” or, “I do not think anybody on 1 April.”

5. Beware flowers


As a sign of courtesy and friendship, the Russians have a habit of giving flowers.But yes! Must be very careful when deciding if they give a floral bouquet odd or even, as the former is considered as an offering to the dead and could offend the recipient.

6. Excess toast


No, it’s not a myth that apart from the alcoholic beverage used to consume in Russia is the Vodka, many of its inhabitants, to be exact 20% die from causes related to excessive consumption of this. What is that? It turns out that alcohol is a major means by which they decide to warm your body and counteract the low temperatures that occur in that country, especially in winter time.Health!

7. Families stay together


And to finish, maybe this is one of the most remarkable aspects of the Russians. Did you know that there are often internalize their parents and elders in nursing homes, or take the initiative to their children march to another home when it gets older? Usually all family members residing together on a floor.