7 Weird and Strange Things in China

Discover these seven things as curious of China. Nothing better learn every day of the diverse cultures that make up the world. Therefore, this time we have brought to you seven curious and strange things you should know about China. Yes, we know how many myths and truths surrounding the atmosphere of this civilization, and therefore, it is much better to solving doubts and concerns to have a much clearer picture, is not it?

Now, tell us: have you had the opportunity to visit this Asian giant? And if not, would you like to do? Are you one of those people who dare to travel the world and soak up the customs and beliefs of others? If your answer was positive, congratulations! After you will read below, and you will have a small stage for leave unfolding in this fascinating country, of course, in many respects far from other cultures, but therefore no less surprising and wonderful.

And yes, at least in Culinary prepare your stomach so that he faces the biggest challenges and give you the opportunity to your palate to taste different dishes.Do not stay with the desire and dare! Make your trip worthwhile and I know everyone wants the witness then heard to prove their culinary curiosities.

1. Fines for having more than one child


Perhaps this is one of the best known. Had you already heard of this law? Most likely yes, but quickly tell you a little more. It entered into force in 1987 and and what you hope is to reduce overcrowding creepy living the Asian country; so you know: if families decide to have more than one child, the fine with some pretty significant figures.

2. No. 4, nowhere


Chinese culture will have an indescribable horror at number four. In fact, it seems that almost sounded like the word “death” when pronounced in would send. Everywhere you go, you’ll see how the lifts do without this pair number and any accompanying figure, either 14, 24, 34, etc. Curious, is not it?

3. Semen mackerel, very curious


Do not be surprised, it is true. In Chinese culture is customary to consume the semen of this marine species, which has a delicate flavor and a very creamy texture. Those who have been fortunate to try this unique dish, say that using it is given is very similar to the brains of lamb or pork.

4. Do not spit in public


In urban places through which pass closely a passerby the other, it is not allowed to spit on the street. The explanation for this prohibition is only the issue of hygiene. In fact, it is as common as any other habit that is related to climate and other everyday aspects of this culture.

5. Curious bathrooms


For starters, all we can say for sure is that you will submit to a critical test of balance when you come to do your needs in a Chinese bathroom. To the surprise of the traveling tourist, although many come forewarned against this particular aspect, are enclosures with a hole in the center, and soil, usually, often flooded liquid worrying shades.

6. Sweet Scorpion, do you dare to eat?


This is nothing more and nothing less than a toffee flavored candy that has inside a real edible scorpion. This has been bred exclusively for human consumption, which has been heat treated to remove its high amounts of toxins and avoid any risk. And you know what’s best? This is healthy or delicious candy for teeth, as few as it contains low blood sugar.


7. Edible bird’s nest


That sounds a bit unpleasant for some, a number of Chinese consumers rely on this food, in which the main ingredient, are those nests that are held together by the dried saliva of birds living in caves in Indonesia; however, this explains why many claim that this curious broth is just saliva, which besides prepared with chicken broth, is supposed to bring benefits to the immune system and skin.