7 strange and curious things in Antarctica

Discover these seven curious and strange things that lie in Antarctica. We usually have the imagination that this amount of ice that is south of the world, it’s just wind, snow and penguins. However, there are many things we do not know. Would you like to know them?Here we’ll tell you!
Let’s start with the basics before moving on to the 7 points that cover this post. The South Pole is a place on Earth that contains mountains and lakes and is surrounded by an ocean. Its average temperature is -49 degrees Celsius and ice never melts. Can you imagine how cold it is?We do not!
On the other hand, in Antarctica are the only ones who inhabit scientists, specially designed base. Curiously, in 1999, a couple married in the Amundsen-Scott station. And you know what’s best?The romantic couple spent their first honeymoon night in a heated tent! Would you dare to do?
Then we leave you with other details about this magnificent place, which also has its own currency. Do you know someone who already has visited? Do you already did?Tell us, would be great!

1. The most amazing cold world

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Air currents at the South Pole are so cold that water vapor can freeze in the air, forming ice crystals that fall to the ground. And that’s not all. In Vostok Station this place, the July 21, 1983, the lowest temperature ever known worldwide was recorded: -89°C on the surface.

2. You can not imagine the amount of ice

Antarctica has the largest ice layer around the Earth, covering 99% of the continent. Did you know that if you were to melt, the water levels could rise about 5 meters? Amazing, right?

3. Total Hydration


Let’s get the McMurdo Dry Valleys are the driest place on earth. There’s very little moisture and ice, which explains why it is the habitat with less biodiversity of all. And in the rest of Antarctica, plus there are no bushes or trees, only two species of flowering plants are located on islands.

4. No Man’s Land


Since 1961 the continent has been governed by the Antarctic Treaty, which states that Antarctica is not owned by any country. This is a space intended solely for scientific research and any mining activity is prohibited.

5. Pingüinos

Yes, these precious animals are not the only ones who belong to the fauna of Antarctica. There are also seals, whales and others. And incredibly, the most are present are small nematode worms.

6. In winter it is much larger

This fact itself is interesting! When the sea freezes during the winter time, the Antarctic continent becomes so large that its size can be compared with the US and Mexico together. What do you think of this? Do you you had imagined?We were speechless!

7. Volcanoes in Antarctica

No, you did not read wrong. In the minds of many is that volcanoes exist only in warmer areas, but it is not. The hot lava burns also in Antarctica: has a volcano known as Mount Erebus, and most curious is that the crater is one of the few remaining lava lakes on Earth.