7 scariest places in the world

Want to know what are the 7 scariest places in the world?Pay attention to the post that follows and find out!

As we know, in the world there are many areas that produce enough fear because of the stories inside. But what kind of stories can be these? Deaths, legends, accidents and tragedies are some of the events that make these the most frightening of all places. Have you visited any that you feel creepy? Would you like to? Yes, it is true that many of them are dangerous to our health and life, but we must also consider that it would be a fun and extreme experience.

Can you imagine visiting a bridge in which dogs commit suicide? Have you thought that there is a forest where people continually take their own lives? Or, how do you think it would inhabit a ghost town? Anyway, carefully read the information that you give, and if you want to add anything else to the list, know that your contribution is welcome.


1. Overtoun, the bridge of suicide dogs


Located in Scotland, from the 60s each month a dog ends his life in this bridge. And no, they are not mere rumors about people loitering around the place, say they have seen how creatures are thrown into the abyss without thinking. Research shows that the bridge has nothing paranormal and is the advanced smell of dogs that drives tossing.

2. Aokigahara Forest in Japan


Called “The black sea of trees” this dark forest is preferred by the Japanese to commit suicide instead. According to legend, in place inhabit various demons from Japanese mythology. Want to know a surprising number? Each year it is estimated that about 100 people decide to lose their lives there.

3. San Zhi, Taiwan


This is the first ghost town from the list. It was built in the 80s for the wealthiest in the area, and with the passing of the years they were evicted due to constant human deaths that occurred during construction. But that’s not all: the workers, also rumoraban than enough ghosts were seen at the site.

4. Prípiat, Ukraine ghost town


The most chilling nuclear disaster in the history of humanity, lived in this city. You know what it was? We‘ll tell you: the explosion of reactor number 4 of the Chernobyl NPP. After that the place was abandoned, and now it is a ghost town.

5. “The road of death”, Bolivia


A 4000 500 meters above sea level, is this dark road, which connects the top of La Paz to Coroico, in Nor Yungas. Although in 1995 the Inter-American Development Bank declared the most dangerous place on earth path because of the death of over 200 people, for many years was the only option for many people.

6. The haunted house in Winchester, California


Would you believe me if I tell you that this house was built for 38 years? Yes, it did, and ended when he died his owner, Sarah Winchester, the widow of a millionaire arms industry. Do you think it ends here? No. The architecture of the mansion is also quite strange: is said to contain stairs that lead nowhere and windows that open them are walls.

7. Centralia, Pensilvannia, United States


It was in 1962 that changed the lives of people who lived in this small town, which is now abandoned and is considered a ghost town. How did it happen? Within the city dump a spark that was slowly burning the place lit up.