7 curious and strange things of the North Pole

Do not miss the high These 7 curious and strange things that occur in the North Pole! Is not that just mention this place on Earth, you will come to mind many doubts and concerns? We know and we want to help you solve irlas, so pay attention!

Before we begin, we want you to know that near the North Pole people live in igloos, houses made of ice and snow. They dress in fur coats known as “anorak”, and cook their food with fire. They are of small stature: men, for example, measured on average 1.60 meters, and women, 1.50.

Did you know that the more these people live north, the more they move from one place to another? However, they construct their shelters. Within these women cook and cocen, and men prepare their tools for hunting and fishing.

These, fuel shortages and slow which meant eating boiled meat, used to eat it raw. This fact is derived the term by which they are known, “Eskimos”, which means “eaters of raw meat”.

Do not tell more and we’ll let the rest of the points contained in the post that follows, enjoy it

1. Santa Claus Is there?


Every Christmas, thousands of letters are sent to Santa Claus to a small town called North Pole, Alaska, specifically. Its inhabitants, which are about 778 thousand people, announce your ZIP code like Santa Claus.

2. Bears and penguins


Bears and penguins ever found in one place. The first live at the North Pole, and second, in the South. These marine and terrestrial species are located in different places, allows an easier survival of the weakest.

3. Earth a few …


It is interesting that the blanket of the Arctic territories of northern Canada, Greenland (part of Denmark), Russia, Iceland, Norway, Sweden, Finland and the United Kingdom; Did you have any knowledge of this?

4.Eskimos have over 4 dialects!


With four dialects that are very similar, these characters have their own language, the Eskimo. This, only have nouns and verbs. They also have an extensive oral literature, based in epic stories and songs.

5. With hunting and fishing, so it remains


Due to the large of these lands cold, not born a plant. Therefore, only their sole means of subsistence hunting and fishing animals. The Eskimos often travel with dogs and sleds easier to catch their prey.

6. Warmer than Antarctica …


The Arctic region is much warmer than Antarctica. There, the average winter temperature is -34 degrees Celsius, but rises significantly in summer, causing a thick layer of its ice melts and breaks.

7. Oil, in sight of the powers …


There are some powers that have already been set in the Arctic Circle, because according to estimates, there lies one quarter of total oil reserves on Earth. Much wealth, do not you think?