7 curious and strange things of Spain

Spain also known as the Motherland for Hispanics, is located in northwestern Europe and North Africa, its history is so ancient, it has not been possible to establish the exact moment when it became a nation even as it is considered Spain is the result of an important evolutionary process. It is a beautiful country, enjoying a high quality of life, a road network and transport in general completely enviable safety to all law and beautiful traditions.
It is excellent in terms of tourism, have incredible cultural heritage, beautiful cities, very interesting contrasts in climate, customs, cuisine and geography. It is the fourth most visited country in the world in foreign tourists according to data provided by the World Tourism Organization, having before France, China and Italy.
The most visited cities are Barcelona in Catalonia and Madrid, the capital, which receive a host of world events and offer unparalleled beauty and history. Among the routes that are followed by most tourists find: El Camino de Santiago, the route between Cordoba and Granada Caliphate, Route of the White Villages in Cadiz, the Ruta del Toro, Route of Don Quixote, among others.
We tell you a little about your encouraging you to think about your next vacation, visiting this beautiful country generalities. We also took advantage of those 7 things that seem odd and strange in their lifestyle and their daily lives,

1. People are standing overnight

The truth that have a particular taste for standing in bars and sites go rumba (O march as they call it), you will find that in many places only find a few small bars to make the drinks and the rest time spent standing, the truth that for a long night, we recommend comfortable shoes.

2. To greet give two kisses, one on each cheek

It is made between men and women and between women and men, never made men (Unless they are family). The kisses begin turning the head to the left. It is a greeting that is provided when they are presented to a person, when reunited with someone or to congratulate a birthday or a special date. But beware, in formal contexts such as a job interview, it is not used.

3. They start very late to eat tapas

Normally, it can be after seven in the evening to go first to the tapas bars, there you can sting a bit and take glasses of wine, then type 11:00 nights are going to pubs, and where and you can have drinks, like a rum and coke. Then type 1:00 am, when the reverse is actually begins, there is going to nightclubs, and until the forces be with you!

4. Some Spaniards feel less Spanish than others

In Spain you will find that for some Spaniards, it is inappropriate to express love for their fellow patriotic symbols, never would use a shirt marked with the Spanish flag. That is why, in some places it will be much more difficult to find souvenirs. On this point, one must understand further the reasons and motivations internal communities.

5. They have the most followed football teams in the world

So many do not want to admit it, teams like Real Madrid, Barcelona and Atletic earn a lot of annual awards, have a great football stars, figures from many countries that make us tick and follow throughout the year: Ramos Ronaldo, Marcelo, Benzema, Messi, Pique, James, Smith, among others.

6. His parties are world followed

You’ll encounter as San Fermin fiestas in Pamplona and the Fallas in Valencia, which have become the epicenter of thousands of foreigners of different nationalities looking for fun. You’ll find traditional confinement, with parties that literally bathe in wine, to learn dances and traditions and pass great.

7. Differentiate the pronunciation of the S and Z

You will see that in most of Spain, in the Castilian language is marked difference in the pronunciations of words that have s, c and z. In many Spanish-speaking countries not handled, differ only in writing but in pronunciation does not reflect any difference.
These differences, as there will be many others, show us great charm in precious land and invite us to visit to find others.