7 curious and strange things of Peru

Be sure to see 7 Things curiosities of Peru, which will tell you in the next post below. But before doing so, we want you to tell us how much you know about this great country, besides savoring variously countless palates, is full of history, culture and magic, thanks to the beautiful colonial architecture that is manifested there .

Remember that this was a territory of the enigmatic Inca Empire; in fact, the name derives Peru from the Quechua word for abundance, recalling those times of wealth and prosperity. It is no coincidence that 1983 has been designated as a World Heritage Site. Just look at the majestic ruins at Machu Pichu, to realize that this country has much to tell.

To not follow you saying what we want to read on your own, we leave you with this short list. Hope you enjoy it and make the decision to visit this epicenter of history and art.Do not miss it!

1. More than 500 dishes


Did you know that within Peruvian cuisine can be counted more than 500 dishes? For obvious reasons, it is one of the most diverse in the world. Now, of what others are influenced? The Spanish, African, Japanese, French and Italian cuisine are some that are part of that variety.

2. Variety at the origin of the Christmas symbols


It is rather curious to discover that their Christmas symbols come from many parts of the world. For example, the traditional Christmas tree comes from Germany, the bonuses or gifts from Italy, the turkey dinner and the figure of Santa Claus in North America, chocolate Spain, and so on were gathering their habits during this time.

3. enigmatic figures in their soils


In Nazca, archaeological culture of ancient Peru, many figures who manage to find, especially in the Pampa de San José. Want to know what some of these? Geometric figures, meanders, animal, plant and human, mazes, and drawings that simulate nonexistent airports are some of the representations that have been found. Fascinating and mysterious, is not it?

4. Peru has an incredible variety of potatoes


And last but not least, Peru is the country with the greatest diversity of potatoes in the world. Just to give you an idea of the amount, we tell you that has 8 cultivated native species, and a 2000 300 varieties, fantastic!

5. Peru had the first railway line in South America


On the other hand, know that Peru was the first country in South America that built a railroad. To be more exact, this happened in 1834, joining Lima Callao.

6. The COCA had a sacred past


Do not know what you think, but for me, this is one of the most amazing points. Among the ancient Peruvians, COCA plant was sacred, why? Would you believe me if I tell you who used it as medicine for all ills?

7. Peru is rich in cotton, gold and zinc


To conclude, we do not want you to stop amazed by this magnificent country: Peru, is one of the best producers of cotton in the world, besides gold and zinc.Wonderful the amount of raw materials that can bring to our 5 continents!