7 curious and strange things of Egypt

How much do you know about Egypt? Enough to decide to cross it on a camel? Well, whatever your answer, read carefully the article that follows, where not only you will have seven curious and strange things about this beautiful country, but also sow you seed whim, so that no having to think much, once and for all you do your bags and you dare to live an unforgettable experience.

Would you believe me if I tell you in full city, chances are that you come across many camels? Or that at the time of shopping and sightseeing, Egyptian traders are constantly negotiating with you, until you reach the point you nervous? Is not this all sounds quite attractive? Without neglecting traffic chaos and enigmatic that can become its inhabitants.

So, taking note and tell us what you think about this short list, of course, can tender enlarging with your valuable contributions .

1. Use fine scissors


In case you did not know, brings lousy luck blink scissors without cutting anything.And do not ever leave them open anywhere! However, it also says a good option to get rid of unwanted nightmares, is to leave them under your pillow; so … make good use of this double-edged sword!

2. Your partner can divorce if you smell bad


Although it sounds like a joke, is as real as watching camels forth in full city. Yes, perhaps for the good of us women, this also should be a ground for divorce in the other continents, but hey, cheers for fine Egyptian that they can take advantage of and demand good smells beside her, either!

3. Pinching before the wedding

Did you know that a pinch, apart from being a synonym for reproof, also means good luck? O well, at least in Egypt. Women have traditionally do this to the bride during the wedding to wish him success and happy a life with future husband. In fact, just this culture is that it is the custom to place the wedding ring on the ring finger, because according to the Egyptians, there is a vein that connects with the heart.

4. Children no holidays


Right. Egyptian children do not spend your vacation time having fun with your friends or resting. Quite the contrary, they should go to another school to learn the Koran, because who does not, it could be hit. In fact, it is said that those who successfully master this holy book, the assurance of fullness in the afterlife.

5. Haggle


In Egypt, it is almost an obligation to exercise the activity of bargaining. In short, it is an art know how to do. In fact, it is said that the Egyptians merchants they’ll never steal but it’s going to happen transándote, so be prepared and have at hand the best of your rhetoric!

6. Very few semaphores

“Death of a Gunfighter” and is considered Cairo, the Egyptian capital. What is this? In the absence of traffic lights and the fact that pedestrians must cross the streets at the risk of losing his life, so imagine the challenge that must involve crossing one of these, because apart from get away with the multiple cars also must do with one another camel who gets in his way.

7. Attracting fertility


This is the god Min, and the aim of this touching, is due to the desire to attract fertility. The place where the scene is recreated, is a sanctuary wall of Barca, inside the Luxor Temple; and most surprising, is the dirt that is around the genitals of the god because of the faith and the curiosity of tourists.