7 curious and strange things of Argentina

The beautiful Argentina. Tan loved it for so many, right? Look at these seven curious and strange things of their culture, where you’ll meet his delusional alfajores and sweet treats, their enigmatic dance tango and its bitter sip of Mate. Have you had the opportunity to experience some of these experiences? Otherwise, pay attention to the following article and encourage to do so; We are sure you will not regret it.

As in Brazil, Argentina you will find one of the best pizzas in the world, except of course in Italy, due to the amount of Italian immigrants that counts. In addition, this beautiful South American country has the world’s fifth largest Jewish community, so as you can see, are fascinating blends that coexist there.

Do you striking know their culture and learn from those who live there? Is not it almost impossible to resist the temptation to visit this place? Anyway, notes the post & share more knowledge. For us it is very valuable your contribution, enjoy!

1. Italians come and go …


25 million Argentines have at least one Italian ancestor. It is the quantitatively most important ethnic origin of Argentina’s population.

2. Excess fertility …


Did you know that the Pampas is one of the most fertile on the planet? If within your plans will not be by now a family, be careful with some inhabitant of this strange place!

3. As of Psychologists …


Argentina is the country with the highest density of psychologists per capita. Yes, I know, it is somewhat surprising. Neither Freud could explain.

4. But the opposite happens with blacks …


However, all is not wealth, as in the case of Argentina African population, which at present is very low, because of the War of Paraguay and yellow fever epidemic in 1871.

5. Goodbye Madonna


What you did not know, Madonna starred in a 1996 film Evita Peron, one of the greatest icons of Argentina culture. However, people did not appreciate the role played by the artist, so I decided to play the tape again, and the same year, with the Argentina actress Esther Goris.

6. Thanks for the bus


Besides being the creative genius of great sandwich cookies and milk sweets, Argentine brought the world the most popular means of public transportation: bus. But that’s not all. The fingerprint system, is also part of this category.

7. A part of La Pampa was trapped in time …


Yes, as you read. In this part of Argentina, lives a group of Mennonites, a small town that maintains its own rules and customs, do not recognize any state. In fact, they communicate through a German dialect mixed with Dutch.